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Better Than Sliced Bread

May 31, 2009

I was having a conversation the other night, and something was said about interactive (YouTube) videos as being the next big thing, in agency websites, that is.  BooneOakley is the agency, and their website (website?) is very cool.  It was the 1st experience for me when I actually clicked something in a YouTube video. Now, it takes you to another YouTube page, but it’s just a continuation of their site.  Very cool, and very fresh, in my eyes.

But down to brass tacks.  What will be the next big thing?  I said in that aforementioned conversation that I don’t think there will ever be a “Next Big Thing.”  Don’t get me wrong, when the Large Hadron Collider finally starts up, there could be a NBT there.  Maybe harnessing some dark matter or some shit.  Either way it’s going to be really awesome.  There are all kinds of possibilities for a NBT to come out of ANYTHING BUT SOCIAL ANYthing.  

I’ll be proven wrong at some point.  But bear with me here.  You all remember Facebook right?  I don’t mean the new FB, but the FB that started about 5 years ago.  Little status updated, and they didn’t even let you get to pick the word after your name.  Then they changed it so you could put “is” or “wants” or really whatever the hell you wanted.  Jump back to the future, and woah, HOLY SHIT!  It’s TWITTER.  I’m Twittering you from the bathroom you twittering twats!  

All the crap I’m hearing about Twitter, it’s the Next Big Thing.  But it’s not, really.  Yes, it’s got a search function.  Yes, you can search for shit, real time news, all that jazz.  But what if all the news info is wrong (aka.  Swine Flu).  Oh, and it’s a Facebook status update, but on a separate website, so you have to leave Facebook, log into Shitter…you know the drill.

Then there’s Augmented Reality.  While I admit that it’s cool, and it has its uses, many of those are outside of the “creative” realm.  BMW has some sweet ass repair kits using AR.  And let us not forget that AR was first used, and is still used for that sweet yellow line on the football field.

I believe NBTs are something outside the realm of what we have.  Something that’s not built on things we’re already used to (hello, Twitter).  I do want a Next Big Thing.  But NBTs don’t come out of a reactionary process.  They come from a proactive process.  And until we stop thinking “Oh, how can we use _____ to get our message across,”  there won’t be another Next Big Thing for a while.


*rant over*