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Beerfest! Who likes beer? | July 22, 2009

Well, everyone likes beer.  Or at least, most of the people I know can enjoy and savor a good beer.  That’s why I’ve decided something.  I was down in Orlando the past week visiting a buddy from college, and we made a decision.  We are going to open a brewery.  We’re working on recipes as I type this, and we’re determined to succeed.  I’ll tell you our plan below.  But 1st, the donate button.  Before we go to big financiers, we might as well try this.  Any little bit helps to get us off the ground.  Lots of people donating a small sum of money is better than trying to get 1 person to fully fund us.  So here we go…read the pitch and donate!

What do you like about a good craft-brewed beer?  The taste, right?  Always satisfying, always adventurous.  And with over 1500 smaller breweries in the USA, there’s always something new to experiment.  What sucks about a good craft brew, and especially those imports we all love?  That’s right, the price.  Even Samuel Adams, the largest “craft brewer” in the USA (makers of the Boston Lager) still charge a regular $8 or more for a 6-pack.  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale?  You’ll be lucky to find it for under $9 a six pack.  

 There’s no such thing as a “Whole Foods Excise Tax.”  But you wouldn’t know that by buying beer there.  In the same strain, there’s no “Craft Brew” tax either.  There’s no surcharge for being sold in uppity white neighborhoods, but if you walk through one, get ready to pay out the ass for a good bottle of beer.  

We want to change that.  Our long-term goal?  $6 a six-pack.  You heard me.  $6.  6 bottles.  Obviously the cost would be higher the 1st year or so, but depending on the size of the operation, that could change VERY fast.  There is one thing separating Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada from reigning in tons of profit, and those are self-imposed “standards.”  Yes, they keep their brews perfect.  But they price themselves out of the reach of the common person who has no other goal in life when it comes to beer consumption than to quaff a great beer at a great price.  We want to present to the the FIRST true American                 Value for Money brand.  

Think about it.  A beer as good, if not better than the already commercially available craft brews (Sam Adams, Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada, etc), but sold for 2 dollars less.  You’ve got your cheap beer in Miller High Life or MGD or Bud.  They are $3.50 a sixer.  Then you jump to Sam Adams and the $7.50-8 and above range.  And let’s not get started with the “speciality” brews that are $20 for a 4-pack.  There’s a void that we intend to fill.  It is something that America craves, that America desires.  

One last bit of info, and then you can decide if you want to donate.  In 2008 around 60 new breweries opened up in the USA.  All of these breweries serve a regional population, and that’s fine.  Revenue is up 10% from this point last year, AGAINST THE RECESSION.  Imagine what a medium-large scale brewery could do for the beer-drinking public of the USA.  Think about your favorite “specialty” beer….and now think about paying $6 a six pack for it.  

Every little bit helps.


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