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Welcome Back. Music Monday, yay! | July 6, 2009

After some time away, I’m finally back here to write.  I’ve had some good ideas, but I’ve just been too lazy to write them down.  So I’m just going to jump back into the flow of things rather than explain a whole bunch of shit to you.  So here’s 3 albums that might interest you, for one reason or another.

Demi Lovato- Don’t Forget


I was dared to listen to this album and say my 2 cents about it.  And ya know what? It’s not that bad.  Right now, Hannah Montana/Molly Syris (no, I won’t spell it right) is the face of the Disney Cash Cow.  And that’s fine.  But her music, just like her, sucks.  It’s saccharine and terrible to listen to.  I’ll say it here.  If Demi Lovato ever gets the Disney Marketing Machine behind her albums, she will kick that little Mullet-Daughter’s ass.  Don’t Forget isn’t a great album, but it’s not patently unlistenable, like Cyrus’ albums.  It’s not the same “boys don’t like me, but that doesn’t matter, girls just wanna have fun.” Some issues raised in the songs are handled with a wisdom beyond her 16 (yes) years.  What she lacks in looks thanks to a cleft chin and a gap-tooth like Michael Strahan, she makes up for in a clear voice.  The years of shitty Disney Pre-Molded songstresses are over.  If you dig Kelly Clarkson, or listen to that casually, this album’s decent.  Oh, and she wants to open for  Motley Crue.  That’s solid gold right there.   Grade:  B+

Die Toten Hosen- In Aller Stille


German time, short review.  Great album.  The Dead Pants come back with their 1st album since their MTV Unplugged juggernaut and release this FUCKING AMAZING piece of work.  For me, it’s their best album in 10 years, maybe 15.  Apparently great bands, like great wine, age amazingly.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers of Germany (in how long they’ve played) have released a masterpiece.  From the opening chord of “Strom” (power, energy, current) you can sense that this is going to be a good listen.  If you know German, get this album.  If you like rock music at its purist, download “Strom.”  Grade: A++++++

Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix


Did you like The Strokes, and were disappointed when they started to suck by their 3rd album?  I was in your boat too, but Phoenix picks up where the Strokes left off and decided to do coke in NYC club bathrooms.  This is a very blissful, fun, euphoric album.  Want a song about a teen idol?  Nope, not Billy Idol.  How about Franz Liszt? (Lisztomania)  While there is some electronica in the mix, it never drags the album into the realm of douchebaggery.  Instead, it’s used like how the vocorder used to be used: correctly, and in the correct doses.  And only to ADD something to the music, never to overshadow it.  If you don’t get hooked by the 1st two songs, you need to get your head checked.  This may go down as one of the top 10 best albums of the year.  Yes I’m calling it out already. Grade: A

Damn…3 high grades.  I guess I didn’t feel like getting stereophonically raped this week.  Maybe next week.  But, to end it all, a very sad farewell to Billy Mays.  He’ll forever be giving me the thumbs up for some product I never knew I needed.  I still wake up yearning to hear him yelling to me from the TV.  Out of all the celebs who bit it in June, Billy will be the one I miss most.



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