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Oh America, How I love Thee… | May 15, 2009

Oh Bogusky, how I defecate thee.

From Adfreak, a re-branding of America.  Read their post here, and see all the entries here.  The idea was to “re-brand” America, and Alex Bogusky, Kevin Roberts (of Saatchi & Saatchi) and W+K12, Weiden’s school, did just that.  I’ll post a few with my comments down below.  All in all, very creative, and very good.  Some more so than others.  And yes, I hate Bogusky’s with a passion, which I’ll explain why…and it has nothing to do with who he is as a person this time.  But I’ll start with the good shit first.

kevinroberts1 Kevin Roberts
“America’s Future.  It’s in our hands.”  Corny, yes.  But it rings true, especially with the balls of clay. Very simple, very good.

w+Kstudents2 W+K12

Not the best, but still really good.  I feel that the idea has been used before, but here the ingredients just mean something, well, More.


By far my favorite out of all.  Great execution, especially with the Aleutian Islands as the coccyx.  And the tagline to the visual?  Priceless.  Best creative thought out of the 12, including the professional work.

And now onto the best of the test(es). From Alex Bogusky;


I get the idea dude.  But guess what?  16% of Americans don’t affiliate themselves with any religion.  A vast majority of those numbers are agnostics and unconfirmed atheists.  So you’re really only representing 84% of America here.  Not what the Founding Fathers were going for.  It’s creative, but…lacking.  Especially when you consider that some of those aren’t really religions (the Masonic G , T-square & Compass) , it doesn’t speak to the full diversity of America.  But, by far the most appealing of his 3.


This masterpiece takes the award in the “What Can Piss You Off The Most In 10 Seconds” category.  I don’t know where to start, so I’ll ramble instead. 

As we all know, Che joined up with Castro to oust Batista.  We know how well that worked out…just ask the guys who fought in the Bay of Pigs how nice a guy Castro is.  Thanks Che.  Maybe Che’s wearing the Obama shirt because Obama will somehow portray him in a holy light for that.  Now, I don’t know enough of the history of Che to totally say that he did nothing good.  I’m sure he helped out some poor people or some shit like that, which in itself is good.  But then you look at Cuba now, and you’re like, “WTF, Mate,” and Che and Castro were all like “Socialism FTW!”

What I do know about Che is those fucking shirts.  They’re the symbol of counter-culture, the symbol of rebellion.  All the “cool” kids in college wore them.  Except these cool kids were the kids from the Hamptons or Manhattan who haven’t stepped inside a poverty-line county, and live off a trust fund set up by their parents.  Counter-culture, no.  Mainstream non-rebellion?  Of course.  The same kids who wear the Che shirts are the same kids who sit around talking about politics all day, spewing out the same tires rhetoric that will never see the light of day.  I call them Arm-Chair Liberals.  They’re the Monday-Morning Quarterbacks, or even better, the Back-Seat Drivers of politics and progressivism.  As it stands now, the iconic Che Shirts stand for nothing more but capitalism.  Especially when Trust Fund Babies wear them.  Gimmie a break.

 And in real life, I’m pretty sure Che wouldn’t be seen with Obama plastered on his chest.  But that’s just me

Voeckler on the attack

And a picture of Thomas Voeckler.  He’s got more facial expressions than gears on his bike.  This guy is the Al Pacino of cycling.  A lot of over-acting and bluster, but in the end it goes nowhere (thanks, BikeSnob NYC).


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  1. Goodness gracious (in my best Suzyn Waldman voice). Lois’ Che T-shirt takes the grand prize here. Guevara is too complex of a character to simply be put on a pedestal-like many “revolutionaries”, there’s a whole flip side to his story.

    Guevara endorsing Obama as the symbol for hope? He’d probably bash the President for not lining up those responsible in Wall Street/real estate, right in front of a firing squad.

    I’m pretty sure Obama wouldn’t want to be seen with Che plastered on his chest.

    Always wondered why many kids in this country look elsewhere for symbols of revolution/change, when they have the “Founding Fathers” as part of their history. Just choose one, go to the ATM where their parents send money, & print some T-shirts out. It makes more sense. John Adams & Ben Franklin ain’t cool enough? Maybe so-but maybe if they did some research, they’ll see for themselves what they (as well as their loved ones) had to put on the line.

    Comment by Nobu — May 16, 2009 @ 7:41 am

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