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Fuck You, Web 2.0 | May 13, 2009

I got the link to this off of AdScam/The Horror, George Parker’s blog.  It explains everything I hate about this whole Web 2.0/social media/self-masturbatory interactive multitasking togetherness bullshit.  Click the link after the jump, after a quick quote from the original post.

Fuck twitter. Here, I said it! Fuck twitter! Fuck it with all the buzz and the press it gets, with its followers and real-time updates, with the “What are you doing?” 140 characters microblogging shit and the fake celebrities’ accounts. Fuck @ and #, and DM. Fuck retweeting and tweetup, twitpic and twihrl. Fuck twitter’s revenue models and fuck their fund-raising rounds. So they’re going to make a whole lot of money one day, that’s really awesome, whoopy-fucking-do! Fuck the conversation about whether or not Google will buy twitter, if blogging is dead because of it, or if it’s the next search engine. No, really, is there anyone out there that really cares?”

JUMP!!!!  Click here.    

And a picture of Andy Hempstead riding over the Gavia Pass in the 1988 Giro d’Italia.  Because this month is Giro month.  And because Andy is the only American ever to win the whole kit ‘n kaboodle


Oh, it snowed that day.


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