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Suggestions, Suggestions | April 29, 2009

As I contemplate my future, I can’t help but contemplate my past. Why? Because it stares me right in the face whenever I log into Facebook.  Nobu had a good comment on Ari’s post a few days back, about keeping in ‘contact’ with people you might normally not hear from until your 10 year reunion.  

I remember when Facebook first came out.  I was a sophomore at American University.  At that point, not a whole lot of people were on it, as it was just for students.  “How fucking cool!” I remember saying.  It was a way to connect with people from classes, get the homework, post some incriminating pictures…you know, the good stuff.  Then, as more and more schools were added, people from High School started popping up.  Now, this isn’t a bad thing.  I know these people.  But, if it were not for Facebook, I would never be in any sort of contact with them, because I just wouldn’t want to.  But that’s not the most troubling thing.

The most troubling thing started happening just a few months ago.  Maybe longer, but with the new site redesigns, they’re more prominent.  

Those.  Suggestions.

With all the “friends,” come all their “likes.”  You can become a “Fan” of something as mundane as God, or Summer.  Now, Facebook has a ton of metadata with which to work.  It’ll hone your user data to pinpoint certain ads to you, things like that.  My question is, why the fuck can’t they do that with the Suggestions?  Every morning, it’s the same thing.  “Here’s some new suggestions we shat in your direction.”  Summer, God, New Years, Oswego, Harborfest, Ice cream, the list just goes on.

I’m sorry, I’m ranting.  I don’t like these suggestions.  When I think of suggestions, I think of constructive criticism.  Not useless crap. I wish Facebook was Old Facebook.  OG Facebook.


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