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Old And New | April 27, 2009

I’ve decided to mock up some old stuff from Miami, and some new stuff from boredom.  

Liquid Paper: Everyone Makes Mistakes

My goal here is to show, well, the headline.  Everyone makes mistakes, duh.  The German people of the 1930s.  The American people of the early 2000s.  Humanity circa 2000 B.C.  I’m taking suggestions for more “mistakes,” but they have to be a) humorous once applied to the page, and b) huge.






And then there was the assignment to write copy like the great Tate museum ads.  If I remember correctly, our job was to write about one major piece of work, but I can’t be certain.  All I know is I offended Catholics everywhere.  So my goal was met, more or less.


And for those of you who don’t know the sculpture (you should learn more…)….


Update:  Here’s another “Tate” ad for the Art Institute of Chicago.  I hate Cy Twombly



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