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CP+B are bitin’ the pillow… | April 15, 2009


Well, ok, that’s their standard position, but they’re in a bit of a bind at the moment.  Earlier today, they (by they, I mean Burger King at this point) was forced to pull the ad for their new make-you-fatter-while-tasting-like-sweet-bland-“mexican-sauce-burger.  The ad drew controversy, especially from Mexicans, because it depicted a Hispanic (mexican, I assume) dressed as a wrestler, wearing the Mexican flag as a cape.  On top of that, he was short.  Midget short.  His prospective roommate was a tall, lanky American cowboy, complete with ass-less chaps (jeans underneath) who helped him reach the top shelf.  Controversy anyone?  Just add 1/3 cups Frat Boy Humor.  

THEN there’s the whole Sponge Bob, square butts jackassary.  With the inclusion of Sponge Bob (with the blessing from Nickelodeon), they are, in my opinion, directly advertising to children.  I didn’t think you could actually do that.  Although that might be cigarettes.  Although, this is fast food, and it’s just as dangerous.  Anyfuckingfatassways, just read the link.  

Frat Boy Humor has worked for the CP+B and Burger King partnership in the past, the present, and I’m sure, in the future.  It’s part of what makes BK, well, BK.  But it’s got its limits, and hopefully Crispin has found it.  So much for being Creativity’s agency of the year.  Pffffffft.



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