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Music Review Monday. | April 6, 2009

Alright, here we go. Music Review Monday.  I’m gonna switch it up and just go with my gut this time.  I’m also feeling lazy right now, so most of the review is going to come from Rolling Stone.  They write well, and I’m lazy.  Match made in heaven.  Here we go.

Kings of Leon: Only by the Night


So, being in Europe, there are different popular bands.  I don’t know if KOL are popular over in the states yet, but here in Europe, they’re hot as balls.  Like when you’re mowing the lawn on July 16th in Miami hot.  Anyway, their 1st hit that I remember hearing, “Use Somebody,” is extremely good.  I can’t say it’s the 1st song that came off their album, because an episode of Gossip Girl used their song “Sex on Fire.”  Is Gossip Girl the new OC?  Hm.  Anyway.  This album is just a rockin’ good time.  The guitars are tight, the vocals are, IMO, much better than their other albums.  Caleb Followill cranks up his Allman Brothers howl, turning out big choruses with sometimes tough-to-parse lyrics and deep-feeling melodies reportedly influenced by pain meds he began taking after shoulder surgery.  There are some low points though.  “Cold Desert” sounds like a douched-up John Mayer.  Well, so it sounds like Mayer-he’s just a douche anyway.  But “Manhattan,” “17,” “Use Sombody,” and “Sex on Fire” make up for any inadequacies on the album.  Grade: A

Peter Fox: Stadtaffe


I’m sorry to put in a German language album in here for people who don’t have any interest in listening to it.  Fuck you.  Peter Fox, at least to me, is an enigma to categorize.  White-Regge-drumline-drum ‘ n’ bass-minimalism.  Think of this as…well, think of it as everything you ever wanted from a chill-out album, but wished you had some tight vocals.  It’s a great album to chill to, especiall “Haus am See.” Fox has incredible style skills, especially when it comes to writing great lyrics that just flow.  Truly a story in every song.  I can’t describe it.  Just download it.

Oh….that’s gonna be all.  Brain is dead and I don’t feel like combing through my iTunes.  Enjoy!


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