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I’m Gonna Make You Feel It; Can You Still Feel It? | March 27, 2009

“Never use jargon words.  They are the hallmark of a pretentious ass.” — David Ogilvy


Oh man, meetings.  I love them, because I learn from them, and I hate them, because sometimes there are just incredible blowhards present.

I had a meeting the other day.  It was of the latter type.  We had 2 weeks to come up with a presentation thingie to present while our boss was away. During those 2 weeks, I wrote and wrote and wrote, and revised and revised and revised.  We had this concept, and we went from there.  Little fishy, if you ask me.  My boss gets back, and we go into a small meeting.  He takes a look and what we had.  He flips shit, and understandably so.  I wanted to part of that, and luckily I didn’t get the brunt of an ass-whipping.  Who I think did though, was a pretentious ass.

He defended what we had presented like it was his unborn child.  But what we had presented was a fucking concept, and you can’t advertise for a concept.  And when he talked, all I heard was *fart* and jargon words.  It was like I was being thumbed in the ass by the Pillsbury Doughboy.  He was like John Kerry, if Kerry were in marketing.  All kinds of brand truth and mumbo jumbo.  And I wanted to say, “hey, that’s stupid.”  But I didn’t.  I wish I did.  2 weeks of work, flushed down the drain. Then a re-boot to completion within 3 days.  That’s life, I guess.

What I’m getting at, is don’t make me feel it.  Don’t force something down my throat.  No matter how good you think it sounds, and no matter how much gusto and verve you muster to present it to me, don’t.  Wait a day before you open your mouth.  Maybe you’ll figure out that what you’re about to say isn’t the insides of a bacon sandwich.  Instead, it’s the insides of a shit sandwich.  We have a duty to our clients, but more than that, to our consumers.  Ogilvy said that we’re basically advertising to our wives.  I’ll take that farther and say we’re advertising to our family, and our friends.  Those are the people who we know best, who shoot us down the fastest, and who know us better than we do ourselves.  Why fill up a page with sanctimonious rat piss?

Anyway, I needed to rant, so I’m sorry if this came off deluded, trite, or just a crappy post.   My Bad.


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